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Rua Rei Katyavala Nº43/45
7º Andar - Edf. Avenca Plaza
Luanda - República de Angola

Parceiro de negocio


SOLIDTRUST staff holds a deep knowledge of the business environment in Angola and a strong network, with the ability to identify, evaluate, select and recommend local business partners in different sectors of activity. SOLIDTRUST may, in some specific projects, assume, through one of its subsidiaries, the role of business partner, through minority participations.

The strong knowledge of the economic agents operating in Angola also allows SOLIDTRUST to select potential suppliers or potential local business customers.

In a country of high opportunity the partner’s choice might determine the speeding up of success for Return on Investment. In this particular aspect we might provide promotors with detailed information about eventual partners, its connections and potential, to generate added value for the business.