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Rua Rei Katyavala Nº43/45
7º Andar - Edf. Avenca Plaza
Luanda - República de Angola


SOLIDTRUST presents as decisive diferentiating factor and competitive management a vast network of partners in complimentary business segments, in Angola and Portugal, enabling a positioning as a business promotor and service provider of specialized consulting in various areas:

  • Financial Services Consulting, Innovation and Environmental Sustainability;
  • Agribusiness Strategy Consulting;
  • Conception, Implementation, Management and Assessment of Investment Projects;
  • Information and Technology Systems;
  • Consulting, Planning and Supervision in Energy and Water Projects;
  • Territory and Information Systems Management;
  • Training Services.
Successful performance of its mission in Angola is supported by the deep knowledge about the market and local reality, sustained by the long path of expertise of its founding partners in various business and sectors, enabling:
  • Solid and deep knowledge of the legal and regulation framework of Angola, facilitating investments;
  • Knowledge of the Angolan language (Portuguese) and culture, preventing misinterpretations and facilitating communication;
  • Capacity of fitting potential projects to strategic priorities of Development national Plan 2018-2022, due to know-how about axis, policies, objectives, action programs and KPI’s to be achieved by Angola;
  • Strong knowledge and solid relationships with Angolan institutions and agents:
    • Political perosnalities;
    • Public Administration and Public Services;
    • Financial institutions;
    • Local businesses.
  • Deep knowledge of various activity sectors in Angola, as consultants and investors;
  • Local partner identification, selection and assessment.