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Luanda - República de Angola



SOLIDTRUST values are incorporated in the company’s daily operation DNA, reflected in a corporate culture of its own and constituting the motivations behind its management philosophy. Our role requires to understand the goals of our clients and partners, providing professional support to its correct decision-making.


SOLIDTRUST action is characterized by behaviours that value firmness, safety and prudence in the performance of its mission, envisioning to preserve the capital its clients wish to invest, and to defend their interests.


The solutions we present are customized and the services provided take into account the specificities and diversity of factors associated to the investment case of each client. We act with the certainty that each relationship with each client is unique.


Our action is based on principles of reserve and description concerning facts and information received in the exercise of duty.


Our action is sustained by the best practices and mutual trust. We work with honesty and personal loyalty to the interests represented as a warrant of truthfulness and trust in the work performed.


We value professionalism, commitment and technical rigour in the accomplishment of the tasks, supported by a multidisciplinary, highly qualified team, and with a deep knowledge of the market. We envision to provide services of excellence.


Our cause deserves our full engagement, transposed on our commitment and daily effort of producing responsible excellence.